This social solidarity project is the direct result of Bonfiglioli’s determination to do something practical in a country that has given us so much, without passing through the big international organisations.
Having benefited from a large production plant in India since 2000, Bonfiglioli felt the need to make a contribution to local people in return. The result was the setting up of Bonfiglioli’s “CheerFutureLand” project in 2008.
Thanks to an agreement with Namastè, an Italian non-profit organisation and Prema Vasam, an Indian charity founded by child psychologist Anto Selvyn Roy that takes in abandoned children from the streets of Chennai, Bonfiglioli has been able to put its ideas into practice.
Selvyn’s work began in 1999 when he rescued his first abandoned and disabled child from the streets of Chennai and decided to make him and others like him members of the same big, happy family.

Prema Vasam was already supported by various associations but every new day brought new requirements and Bonfiglioli saw this as the perfect way to actively make a difference. The Bonfiglioli CheerFutureLand project was set up in response to these needs.

Bonfiglioli is committed to making an ever more active contribution to the extraordinary work done by Prema Vasam, and therefore helps in the construction of CheerFutureLand’s Home for Children and supports the charity’s original premises, now dedicated to housing girls, young and disabled children.

Children are a direct path to the future and Bonfiglioli sees helping them as the best possible way of building for tomorrow.