Bonfiglioli India has been recommended for EMS Certificate “ISO 14001: 2004” by TUV Nord
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Bonfiglioli India has been recommended for EMS Certificate “ISO 14001: 2004” by TUV Nord

Bonfiglioli India (Bonfiglioli Transmissions Pvt. Ltd.) is going to reach the EMS environmental ISO 14001:2004 certification. This is a very important result for Bonfiglioli as it states the strategic importance for the Italian Group to keep on with a respectful policy toward the environment, constantly and coherently worldwide.

EMS is "a system and database which integrates procedures and processes for training of personnel, monitoring, summarizing, and reporting of specialized environmental performance information to internal and external stakeholders of a firm."

EMS refers to the management of an organization's environmental programs in a comprehensive, systematic, planned and documented manner. It includes the organizational structure, planning and resources for developing, implementing and maintaining policy for environmental protection.

The goals of EMS are to increase compliance and reduce waste: legal compliance, waste segregation, water & energy conservation, waste reduction, monitoring pollution levels within the facility, tree plantations and environmental free purchasing.

The benefits to organization under the ISO 14001 : 2004 Certification would include: maintaining high quality standards – a reassurance to our customers -, good public and community relations, enhancing brand image, vendor certification criteria, improved cost control, reducing environmental risk and liability, conserving materials and energy, obtaining permits / authorizations and improved government - industry relations.