Bonfiglioli India grows!
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Bonfiglioli India grows!

New production facility in Bengaluru dedicated to the photovoltaic solutions.

Bonfiglioli India was established in the year 1998 and provides employment for more than 650 strong workforces. Bonfiglioli India is currently having 2 manufacturing units in Chennai and Mannur for industrial gearboxes and motors.
The new plant, whose name is Bonfiglioli Renewable Power Conversion India Private Limited (BRPC India), has been incorporated in Bengaluru, India, on November 2013 to address to the complex and the ever increasing demands of the Indian Photovoltaic Markets.
The plant in Bangalore is going to be the 2nd largest PV inverter’s manufacturing setup for Bonfiglioli after the one in Germany - Bonfiglioli Vectron - as it is going to produce 1MW+ Size inverters with an annual production capacity of more than 300 MW.

The company is a joint venture between Bonfiglioli Vectron GmbH Germany and Cubic Control Systems with a majority stake-holding of Bonfiglioli.

Bonfiglioli Renewable Power Conversion India Private Limited (BRPC India) is having the best infrastructure with highly skilled workforce to manufacture PV inverter Panels. BRPC India is also having an extended infrastructure to supply the complete package to the customers with Solar inverter panels with e-house, transformers, DC distribution and Medium Voltage Panels. The existing facility includes also the infrastructure dedicated to manufacture Automation panels, PCC, MCC, Drives and Control & Relay panels, which is the traditional Cubic Control Systems know-how.
The facility has been audited and approved by major players in the field of electrical industry.
With the incorporation of Bonfiglioli Renewable Power Conversion India Private Limited (BRPC India), Bonfiglioli renews its promise to provide the state-of-the-art technology manufactured indigenously and provide better service to its customers in India and to countries located in South East Asia.

Bonfiglioli as a preferred partner for solar PV inverters in India

From 185 MW in 2011 to 600+MW in 2014, Bonfiglioli Regenerative & Photovoltaic Business Unit in India has exhibited tremendous growth in the Indian Solar PV market.
With a 24% market share and increasing, Bonfiglioli Inverters are customized to the Indian conditions and being the most preferred choice for the customer. Actually, most of Bonfiglioli installations in India have achieved an uptime of more than 99.7% and many Bonfiglioli products are already operational across the Indian geography.